Trail Update

As of April 2016, the new trail system has added much-needed ease of access to Long Lake Provincial Park. (See Figure 1)

A new entrance off of North West Arm Drive has also provided parking for enjoyment of the lake. (See Figure 2)

Phase Two of the development of the trail system at Long Lake is set to begin in late summer 2016. The existing gravel trail will be extended around the base of Long Lake along Old Sambro Road, ending in a picnic area with a gazebo, beach access, and a kayak launch. (See Figure 3)

A map showing the new parking lot as well as a walking trail around Withrod Lake.

Figure 1: Map showing the new parking lot as well as the walking trail around Withrod Lake.

A map showing the proposed parking lot off of North West Arm drive.

Figure 2: Map showing the parking lot off of North West Arm Drive.

Planned trail extension along Old Sambro Road

Figure 3: Concept drawing of the planned trail extension along Old Sambro Road.


Trail Update — 31 Comments

    • Hi Mike

      Sorry to be so long getting back to you, We are still very active, we have just signed an agreement with Natural Resources to maintain a large portion of the park on the East side of the lake. If you would like to know when our next meeting is join our email list at

  1. Your diagram shows the new entrance to the parking area as being across from Cowie Hill Drive. That isn’t where it is located?!? It is directly across from Long Lake Village! Is your diagram incorrect or did the put it in the wrong location?

  2. The entrance is exactly whete it was planned to be, across from Cowie Hill road, which does run through the Long Lake development, the road at the next set of lights has been renamed.

  3. Great job on the new trails.on this Canada day weekend hiked around the park going in from Old Sambro Rd by the old pump house.This is an area most used historically for Spryfield residents.It would be nice if this area would receive the respect that it deserves.I’m sure visitors would use garbage cans if there were any here.a crosswalk at Schnare st and Old Sambro would be a wish of all residents who dangerously cross there all year long.let’s not forget the beautiful signage that should be here.As I one person said to me ,they managed to take Long Lake out of Spryfield. Always Spryfield Proud.I would appreciate a response/update.Cheers

    • Hi Darren,

      Thanks for reaching out to the LLPPA. We’ve just updated our website information about the new trail extension that’s in the works (You can find it on the “Trail Update” page). The good news is that the extension is exactly what you mentioned — it will run along the foot trails along Old Sambro Rd. There are plans for beach access, a boat ramp, trash cans, a parking lot, and interpretive panels. The LLPPA is waiting for final approval but the hope is that work will start on the extension by the end of the summer.

      LLPPA Summer Student

      • Hi Aleen,
        Thanks for your reply back in July. I was wandering if there was an update on phase 2 construction start. Milo(my Labrador)and I went for a hike this evening and seen no sign of construction. Been gone away for a couple of weeks but before leaving it was announced Phase 2 construction was starting. It was a great hike by the way.

  4. This is a great effort to provide access to our natural areas. However the coarse gravel surface makes the trail impossible for wheelchair users and senior people with difficulties in walking. Will this be corrected?

  5. Can someone clarify the previous emails? I see one on Sept 1 from Chuck Stewart on wheelchair users and seniors. Then I see an email from Mike Harvey Sept 12 that says ” see previous post “. I don’t see a previous post. Can someone help me out? Thanks. Mike Arthur, Halifax

  6. I was wondering if anyone knows the length of the loop of the walking trail just in the circle around Withrod Lake, so do not include the access road to the parking lot. I’ve been running laps there and my phone seems to suggest its a little bit over 2km but it also says it’s not able to hold a good signal. Was hoping someone could tell me if I’m close or what the actual measurement is. Thanks

  7. We would like to know when additional smaller sized gravel will be added to all trails to make this great new park comfortably walkable? Presently it is difficult to walk with substandard gravel.

  8. How about some crosswalks to the park entrances? The start of the path at the corner of Old Sambro Rd and North West arm drive is not accessable to pedestrians. Phase 2 needs a crosswalk at Old Sambro Rd. and Schnare St, also from Old Sambro Rd to the old fire road at the far end of the dam. We park users who live in the area risk our lives to cross Old Sambro Road to use the park. The Paths look lovely but are not what we need. You have wasted your money. I use the park for my daily walk, as do many of my neighbours, what we want is safety, and garbage cans would be nice too.

    • Hi Ruth

      The issue with crosswalks are one that has to be taken up with the city, we have not control over roads, highways or crosswalks. With the amount of use that these new trails are getting, I’m not sure why you feel we have wasted money. We have given our community access to an area that most people did not have, with trails and a safe place to park.
      Mike Harvey
      Chair Trails Committee

  9. Are there still plans to extend this gravel trail to the St. Margaret’s Bay Rd area? I would like to express my concerns with this as I’m someone who enjoys hiking and snowshoeing. I used to hike the trails off Cowie Hill and Osborne all the time but I don’t go there anymore because I much prefer hikes on more technical trails, with fewer people and more fauna. It’s not so bad because now I enter the trailhead closer to Albert Walker Dr. and I thoroughly enjoy exploring the beautiful system of hiking trails with my wife, newborn daughter and dog. I’m worried that if the gravel trails are extended then I really won’t have any nearby, gravel free, hiking trails to discover. Thanks!

    • Hi Jeff

      Thanks for reaching out to us, There is no formal plan in place to extend the trail to St Margaret’s bay Road. There has been talk of a connection to the Chain of Lakes trail, but no plan has been put into place. We are also very aware that there has to be trails that conform to all users desires. There is a trail that starts near the Car wash on Osborne street that gets very close to the Chain of Lakes Trail, and a new bridge that crosses the waterway near that trail, so that could become a connector, I suppose. I do not think that the area near Walker rd is within our management sector. I can check on this later for you.
      Cheers Mike H

      • Thanks for the response Mike. I’m glad to hear it. I just really enjoy the trails and hope to continue using them for many years to come.

  10. Greetings-
    I live in Long Lake Village. I would be interested to explore joining the Board or helping within a committee, if there is the need.

  11. Hello,
    I was wondering who polices unauthorized/inappropriate use of the Park. I was hiking along the power line cut between the Bay Rd and Prospect Rd this past Sunday and noticed a large blue tent across from one of the stone cellar ruins. The occupants had a clothesline setup and were starting to use the cellar ruin as a garbage/cess pit. The site is located a short distance in from the Prospect Rd. end of the cut. I took photos if they are of any interest.
    Thank you,

      • Hey Mike,

        Will do. Just didn’t want to jump the gun if the LLPPA was the go to organization or first contact for such matters.


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