Let’s Talk Trails

There will be a meeting (Let’s Talk Trails!) for friends of Long Lake Provincial Park on Wednesday October 23rd (starting at 7 p.m.) at the Captain William Spry Community Centre. It will be an opportunity for park users to learn more about the park and discuss its future development. The meeting is organized by Long Lake Provincial Park Association (LLPPA). Everyone who cares about the park is welcome to attend. Please join us and bring along your thoughts and ideas! More details will be posted here as we get closer to the date.

High quality new easily-accessible popular loop-type trail in Long Lake Park

Old historical linear community-to-community trail in Long Lake Park

Back-country style trail with natural surface in Long Lake Park, part of a maze of trails

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Trails

    • Some people are better at getting through a maze than others! I don’t get lost but I have to use all my skills (map memory, sun position, hydrology, sound, forest type, landmarks and so on). Folks who don’t have experience in back-country hiking should avoid the maze of trails or go in with someone who knows the routes. Otherwise we risk more cases of search-and-rescue having to go in. In truth, hundreds of people do use the maze of trails, so you’re not alone in knowing where you are going, but there are thousands of others who should be cautious.

  1. Great classification of the trails in Long Lake park. The trails between Long Lake and Cranberry pond is a web of trails, like a maze, easily to get lost and go in circle, as I did the first few times I walked there. The key to walk out the maze is to (most time) always walk on the path closest to the lake.

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