Benny has been found – Lost Dog in Long Lake Park

This dog is missing in Long Lake Park area…last known sighting was in the wooded area between the St. Margaret Bay parking lot and this way, towards the Lakeview Trail; he was last sighted Yesterday.  Please email out to your networks. The owner is devastated…and has been going back each day or night, trying to find him.


Breed or Mix: Terrier/Spaniel mix

Sex: Male, Age: 8.5 years

Collar/Tags: No  slipped out of his collar when with his walker

Lost on: 05/02/2017

Area: Long Lake Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia,

Additional Notes: Benny is usually very good to come to people. He has floppy ears with a bit of orange in them. We are shocked that he did not come when we called him. He’s very sensitive. He keeps moving throughout the woods. Quite a few people have spotted him and he seems fine but then he takes off again. His coat is sort of shaggy, white, and he has a lovely long feathered tail. He’s very sensitive to noise and anything that is sudden

Please Contact: Please cross post and if you have any information contact: Theresa at 902-222-4407 or 902-461-8040 home phone

New Trail Surface

We want to share our good news! Our Lakeview trail has a new smooth surface. Special thanks to Polycorp and Peter Polly for his continued support of Long Lake Provincial Park Assoc.

It was nice to see people out on the trail this morning and especially nice to see moms with strollers enjoys a walk.

Garbage disposal

Attention all residents, the garbage cans and storage box at the Long Lake Parking lot and trails are not for household garbage.

Anyone found dumping garbage at any of the Long Lake Park areas will be charged with littering or whatever charge the police deem appropriate.

This household garbage is now littering our parking lot.