Beware of Ticks

We wanted to alert everybody that someone found a tick after being in Long Lake Park on the weekend. Ticks are in the area, some areas more then others, so please keep an eye out if you walking in the woods or tall grass.

Long Lake Park open for the Season

Some members of the Long Lake Board discuss the park cleanup on Saturday April 14, 2018. The day was successful and the park was opened around noon.


A special thanks for all those who attended and helped us clean the park for a successful opening on Saturday. We had about 30 people show up at the main parking lot yesterday at 9am. Everybody grabbed bags and headed out quickly to clean the park, some headed for the trails, while others worked on the parking lots and entrance areas. It was a success, we hauled out over 50 bags of garbage and various other items. Some volunteers also cleaned along Northwest Arm drive.

We also had a crew in clearing the trees that fell onto the trails this winter, it sure was a winter of strong winds!

Please now that the park is open, help us keep it clean, this is a team effort by all who use the park. Please also keep an eye out for anyone dumping garbage in the park, this has been an ongoing problem, people bringing household and company waste into the park and leaving it for someone else to deal with. We do not have the funds or the staff to deal with this problem. If you see anyone bringing garbage into the park, please take note of the vehicle and License plate and report it to police, we need to stop our park from being a dumping ground.

Once again we’d like to say thanks to all who came out to help get Long Lake Provincial Park cleaned up and open for another wonderful season. Enjoy your spring and summer of hiking, walking and boating.

Thank you


Park Cleanup for Opening

Hi All

Well many of you have been asking about your park and when it will be opened. The winter and some of our winter visitors have been hard on the park, there is a lot of maintenance to be finished before we can open the park. We have 27 areas that our trails have washed out that need to be repaired, we have 19 trees that have to be removed from our trails and our washroom appears to have had some damage done to it, and it seems that people have dumped bags of garbage in our parking lots. But we are going to fix all this and get the park reopened as soon as we can.

We will have crews in the park starting later this week and next week to do the washroom repairs, tree removal and trail repairs. We will be removing all the illegal garbage that was dumped in the parking lots this winter.


Also we are going need your help to get the park opened, On Saturday April 14, we will be having a park cleanup day from 9 am to noon we need volunteers to help us cleanup the trails and parking lots, we will supply garbage bags and gloves, and if we can get the remaining cleanup finished we will be able to open the park at noon on April 14.

This is nearly 2 weeks before most Provincial Parks will be opening, but this cannot be accomplished by our board alone, we need volunteers to help make this happen. So please mark your calendar for Saturday April 14th and meet us at the main parking lot gate at 9am.



Park Closing for the Winter

Long Lake Park Association would like to thank all our visitors for a wonderful year of park use. We have encountered many wonderful park users during the spring, summer and fall and we hope you all enjoyed your walks, runs hikes and bike rides as well as our new kayak/canoe launch over the summer.

With winter approaching it’s time for the park to close for the winter, soon we will be closing the gates to the parking lots and getting our closed for the season signs posted.

Please be advised there will be no winter maintenance of park trails or entrances to the parking lots.

We will update you as spring approaches and the park will reopen when conditions permit safe travels in the park.

your truly







Join us for a Paddle

Kayak/Canoe Roundup

Come on out to join us on the Lake this

Date: Saturday, September 16th,

Time: from 1 pm to 4 pm.

At the new parking lot off Old Sambro Road, we will be entering at the new Canoe/Kayak Launch area.

As part of our Spryfield Harvest Festival, we are hosting a Kayak/Canoe Roundup this year. Whether you canoe or kayak, come join us. This will be the first year of our Roundup, so we hope to continue to promote it and build it up over the years to come, to see how many paddlers we can get out on the lake with us.

Join us for an afternoon of paddling. Meet fellow paddlers from around HRM and explore the lake and shoreline of our beautiful Long Lake.

Please Note: Due to the size of the parking area, we are asking participants to unload their kayak or canoe, then park their vehicle on a side street near by, or in the No Frills parking lot, so we can accommodate everyone.

Hope to see you!!