Park Cleanup for Opening

Hi All

Well many of you have been asking about your park and when it will be opened. The winter and some of our winter visitors have been hard on the park, there is a lot of maintenance to be finished before we can open the park. We have 27 areas that our trails have washed out that need to be repaired, we have 19 trees that have to be removed from our trails and our washroom appears to have had some damage done to it, and it seems that people have dumped bags of garbage in our parking lots. But we are going to fix all this and get the park reopened as soon as we can.

We will have crews in the park starting later this week and next week to do the washroom repairs, tree removal and trail repairs. We will be removing all the illegal garbage that was dumped in the parking lots this winter.


Also we are going need your help to get the park opened, On Saturday April 14, we will be having a park cleanup day from 9 am to noon we need volunteers to help us cleanup the trails and parking lots, we will supply garbage bags and gloves, and if we can get the remaining cleanup finished we will be able to open the park at noon on April 14.

This is nearly 2 weeks before most Provincial Parks will be opening, but this cannot be accomplished by our board alone, we need volunteers to help make this happen. So please mark your calendar for Saturday April 14th and meet us at the main parking lot gate at 9am.




Park Cleanup for Opening — 8 Comments

  1. I have been hiking and clearing downed trees in the park all winter. There are hundreds of people who use the park all winter. Snowshoeing, skiing, running and of course walking. There were even people taking garbage away. I guess the park association thinks that people only need to be fit in the summer. Wow you are backwards!!!

    • Norm , thanks for the vote of confidence to a group of people who have worked very hard over the years as volunteers to even make this a park. Maybe before belittling the work of others you might try to understand the situation and the constants we need to follow when working in a Provincial Park!
      Mike Harvey

  2. Mike
    I really do appreciate everything that has been done so far. I’m in the park every day all year long and I love it. It just baffles me why parks are closed in the winter. People even have to park on the street because the parking lot is closed.

    • Exactly Norm! This is an URBAN park in close proximity to hundreds of thousands of people and should be accessible all year. No funding = Bungled deal with developers, mismanaged by MLAs, councillors and all involved.

  3. Hello Mike,
    My wife and I will gladly assist you and the team on clean up day.
    As I’ve stated to you before I will help in any way prior to April 14th if you so wish.

    Otherwise C U on the 14th.
    Cheers Merv. Ferguson

  4. Mike,
    You can count on my wife and I to be there as well. We would be happy to help clean up.
    Norm & Pauline Stein

  5. Can you please let me know the park’s opening date?
    Our group, the Filipino Association of Nova Scotia is planning to join the trail walk event (date?)
    Thank you.

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