Kayak / Canoe launch area open — 11 Comments

  1. Nice to have….was there today. Used the launch for our kayaks . This location should be ‘re assessed and tweaked. The parking lot is too small and if you carry your kayaks or canoe on a trailer, good luck trying to park. There is only one entrance/ exit here. Parking should be expanded one a looped seperate entrance and separate exit.The good thing is that this park has become very popular… Cheers.

    • Hi John

      Thanks for a note, unfortunately we do not have the approval or the funds to make the area larger. It took us years to get permission to open this section of park up.

    • Hi Breah, we are currently working on our plan for members and volunteers for the park association, we hope to have this in place soon. My I ask what you are interested in, as far as the park goes. We are a new Assoc. And now that construction is completed we will start looking to the future for our needs.
      You can contact me directly at mharvey@, I am the communications chair for the association.

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