Garbage disposal

Attention all residents, the garbage cans and storage box at the Long Lake Parking lot and trails are not for household garbage.

Anyone found dumping garbage at any of the Long Lake Park areas will be charged with littering or whatever charge the police deem appropriate.

This household garbage is now littering our parking lot.


Garbage disposal — 4 Comments

  1. Mike.

    Looks like someone has spray painted rocks along the trail. How would this be cleaned? Would it go through the Province?

  2. Who is in charge of empting the garbage cans , a lot of them are overflowing,also there is not enough of them ,maybe 1 at every bench something more permanent , and bigger.I love the park ,very proud to have this wonderful park in Spryfield

    • Hi Carol
      We seem to be struggling with this issue this summer, it seems we are getting far more garbage dropped in the trail cans then expected. We have been looking at this issue, and trying to keep ahead of it. I will pass your comments to our board.

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