Dogs must be on leash

Please remember that all dogs must be on leash as all times while walking the trails at Long Lake Park.


Dogs must be on leash — 3 Comments

  1. Sorry to the dog owners, but I do think dogs need to be on leash all the time for the safety of park users. If you cannot do it please use those parks that dogs are allowed off-leash. I hope everyone should abide by the rule (law).

  2. Speaking of dogs… has any one had any issues with ticks at all in the area?

    I didn’t have any last year, and so far so good this year, but just curious.

    • Hi Katrina

      We have not had any reports so far, but it’s a good point.
      If anyone finds ticks can we get a report of when and where you might have wen walking. This way we can all share the info.

      Cheers Mike H

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