People enjoying new trails — 3 Comments

  1. Even though the street I live on is next to the Long Lake Park I have never ventured into it, because it is so hard (and scared) to walk in the large forest of dense woods. Thanks to the new Lakeview Trail, I for first time in 6 years came to the beautiful Long Lake and the Withrod Lake. How wonderful they are!

    As I walked on the trail today, I kept admiring the hard construction work being done for this beautiful trail. However, one thing I have to complain about is the consistent loud noise from the North West Arm Drive. It would have been much more pleasant if the noise level from the highway is down somewhat. The post speed for North West Arm Drive is 80 km/hour and many drivers actually drive faster than this. If the speed can be reduced to 60 km per hour (same speed limit as the northern part of Dumbrack street) then the noise level will be down significantly. This will also make people (especially children) crossing North West Arm Drive to the park much safer and therefore more people would love to use the trail for active pastime. Another thing in mind is that there is no trail path from the end of Osborne Street to the Lakeview Trail. People have to walk in the woods to go on the trail. It would be helpful if a formal pathway can be built so the residents in the Stoneridge/Osborne street area can access to the trail as easily as those in Long Lake Village. Remember the Stoneridge/Osborne street area have much more residents than the Long Lake Village.

  2. Thanks for your comment Charles, Your idea on the Osborne trail head is a good idea, I will bring this up at our next meeting. As far as the speed limit on NW Arm dive, my I suggest you send a letter to your local council member. This is something that will most likely come eventually.

  3. Thanks Mike. I walked on the trail yesterday through the Osborn street point. It seems the simple foot path over there is OK and no need to cut the trees to make it wider. So I don’t think we really need a formal trail head at the Osborn street entrance point. We should avoid cutting trees as much as possible.

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