POSTPONED _ Long Lake Park Assoc. – Annual General Meeting — 2 Comments

  1. Why would I bother to waste my time when you don’t even follow your own recommendations. The pathways are far wider than the original plan, the gravel on them is painful to walk on for humans so I can only imagine how bad it is for dogs and I also thought that it was illegal to have any form of advertising for companies inside Provincial Parks and yet there are signs up advertising PolyCorp and his development across the street. Maybe when you start following your own rules I’ll bother to show up for a meeting.

  2. Although it is not ideal to have such wide trails with rough gravel surface, it is much better to have it than nothing. The thing that bothers me the most (and keep me from use the trail)is the huge noise coming from NW arm drive. I really like the Macintosh run trail – it’s so quiet and pleasant. I hope the upcoming meeting can address the noise issue. If the speed limit can be lowered to 60 or even 70 KM that will be great. Furthermore, it takes too long for the lights to turn green at the Osborn street entrance and maybe at the other entrances too. I sometimes see people running through the highway rather than waiting for a green light. That’s really dangerous! Even it is in green light the duration is so short that one has to run through it. I wonder if children and some people can walk through it easily.

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