Grand Opening, Long Lake Provincial Park Lakeview Trail. — 2 Comments

  1. Since it has been developed as a road as opposed to a narrow trail I was wondering if the long range plan is to make this into a camping area with sites around the lake.
    Thank you and the LLPPA for all your efforts. I have used the paths for many years and I’m glad to see this section now accessable to everyone. It will be a great running and skiing surface but for hiking I will likely stick to the paths.

    • Hi Hal

      There are no plans to allow camping. The trails were built to the size they are because that is what Natural Resourses required to be classed as an active transportation trail. This trail will in future link up with the paved trail that starts at Joe Howe Drive and goies out to Bayers Lake. The old rail line.
      I too will still make use the the small footpaths around the lake, but will also make use of the new trail both walking and cycling.

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