New Design Released — 9 Comments

  1. Great to see plans moving ahead. Knowing the amount of use the St. Marg. Bay road access point receives with cars parking on hwy etc., I can see where this new area will most likely attract similar, if not higher usage. This would lead to the need for a much larger parking area than shown. Plus, with a designated boat launch, that will only amplify the interest in this access point. I predict that alone will fill up the parking requirement, especially in high season. What will DNR’s role be in this plan -> implementation -> long term commitment? Also, will the municipality have any involvement? My bet is this will prove to be a perfect model for “Build it and they will come!”.

    Also, for the record, could not find info on your AGM on your web site or anywhere else for last night.

    • Hi Richard

      First sorry about the AGM posting, we are a new assoc. and still trying to get ourselves organized.
      As far as parking and public use of our new area, we will have another parking
      Lot off of Northwest Arm Drive, we are hoping that this construction will be started by December or sooner.

  2. Where are the plans to show what the end product will look like at the parking lot being built off of the North West Arm Drive?

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