Welcome to Long Lake Park — 2 Comments

  1. I’m concerned about the recent changes.I can’t see how destroying a swath of trees, and dumping tons of gravel on a pristine forest floor, can be environmentally friendly.This is a provincial park-why are any developers involved in the first place?Is it your mandate to help them sell condos?I suppose they will be constructing on Withrod Lake anytime now.How much more of the park are you going to let them encroach on?There are plenty of places that people can go for a stroll on groomed paths in HRM.Long Lake should be left alone, and out of the hands of developers.

    • Hi David
      This project went through all the public approval, with public meetings before it was ever approved. The overall consensus was that the people of HRM wanted access to this park, which was never developed. We the LLPPA assoc. have only one mandate, to make the park accessible for all who want to use it. All the work being done has been approved by Nova Scotia Natural Resources and the work is being monitored by them. Yes there are other groomed places for people to go, but up until now Spryfield had very few places to go , and with such a large park at our doorstep it was time to make it more accessible to more people.

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